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Emotions From The City
January 17, 2004
Reviewed by:
Diane Marbury

THE VOICES OF SOUTH CENTRAL poetically paints the emotions and issues of the South Central section of Los Angeles. Charles Chatmon tackles many topics in this volume of verse, which uses the often controversial and misunderstood location as its muse. Politics, racism, love, and discrimination are a few of the featured themes. Written with stark sensitivity and style, the poems give a poignant and real view of life and the circumstances that people face. Reading THE VOICES OF SOUTH CENTRAL will erase "The Boys In The Hood" thoughts of South Central and replace them with thoughts of hope and inspiration.

The Depths of My Soul


This volume provides a glimpse into a manís soul- his thoughts, his loves, his fears- about romance, about love, about the very world itself. Any women who has ever wondered how men think Ė how men truly feel Ė should read Chatmonís new book of poetry. Any man who has ever struggled to express his feelings will find himself mirrored in these poems.



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The Voices Of South Central

Charles L. Chatmon, author of The Depths of My Soul: Poems from the heart of a man, is a fresh new voice in the world of poetry. The world he depicts is a harsh, raw view of the streets. He doesnít flinch from the truth of what he sees and hears in South Central Los Angeles. But he doesnít give in to despair. His poems radiate hope and strength. While many of his subjects depict the need for social change, others are tender poems, concerned only with the love between a man and a woman. Chatmonís voices in the book can be one of an outraged critic, lover, and visionary. Donít miss this important contribution to American poetry!

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