With years of experience, author and poet Charles Chatmon has shared with new and aspiring authors how to turn their thoughts into a book. These informative lessons are for the 80% of potential authors in the United States who wish to write that first book, but not sure how or where to start.

He gives tips on how to create a manuscript, using the mechanics of writing using the methods of theme, plot, and research tips for non-fiction subjects. He also teaches the steps taken in submitting a manuscript for copyright, listing publishing options for the aspiring author, how to market their published product once it is out and how to best effectively use the internet when doing so. Chatmon also mentions the trends in the publishing industry, pros and cons.

As a result of these writers’ workshops, these lessons have inspired emerging authors successfully achieve their literary dreams. Sessions run for two hours, and reference sheets are provided for each lesson. Thank you letter from AC Bibrew Library and Black Resource Center.

Testimony: "The workshop put on by Mr. Charles Chatmon was amazing I learned new information as well as new websites to research. I got clarification on different aspects of the self publishing industry that were causing me some confusion. I liked that even though I was very close to publishing my book the information given was still applicable. There was never a point when I thought that the information did not meet my needs. All the information given was a walk through of every thing that a self published author needs to complete the task of self-publishing. The information given on ISBN numbers and bar codes was a major help. I truly enjoyed the workshop. Although I published my first book I will for sure attend another workshop."

- Taaji Rauf, author "Before Life: A Collection of Short Stories"

“This was the best workshop I’ve ever attended.”  - Dawn L.


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For new or aspiring authors, here are a series of audio writers workshops designed for you! While each of the lessons are tailored for different stages of the writing and publishing process, no doubt these informative lessons will help the aspiring author get closer to their goal of becoming published and tips for new author to promote their work.

Each of our audio workshops is available as CD's or MP3's. You may click the lesson links to purchase our audio lessons or send a check or money order to the above address.

Lesson #1 - Getting Started: Finding Motivation to Write

https://www.paypalobjects.com/en_US/i/scr/pixel.gifLesson #2 - Publishing Options: Which One is Right for You?

https://www.paypalobjects.com/en_US/i/scr/pixel.gifLesson # 3 - Book Marketing and Promotion           






As an advocate for youth, community and literacy, Charles L. Chatmon has shared his views and experience to young people in Career Days at several elementary and secondary schools, panels at literary festivals, and luncheons. He brings a wealth of knowledge as exemplified in his writer’s workshops throughout the state of California.

Charles has been a guest speaker at the following venues:

West Coast Black Writers Festival - Panelist
UCLA Bruins Speakers Series - Panelist
California Writers Collective Empowerment Luncheon - Speaker
Meet The Authors (AAMLO) - Speaker
YMCA :Y Winners function - Speaker
Southwest Community Day School (Hawthorne, CA) - Speaker
Vallejo Senior High (Vallejo, CA) - Presenter
Hogan Senior High (Vallejo, CA) - Presenter
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary (Los Angeles) - Career Day

Would you like to make a request for Charles to speak at your next function or seminar? If so, please send an email to chatmonsbooks@gmail.com indicating your interest.

If you're in the need for a moderator, Charles is available for this duty as well. He led panel discussions in places such as:

Compton Urban Book Expo – Authors panel

Barnes and Noble at the Grove - Authors Spotlight
KRST Unity Center - He Said, She Said Relationship panel
African American Spoken World Festival - Relationship Panel